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Meet Art Kistler and the EP Boulevard Show Band!

What do Art Kistler and the EP Boulevard Show Band bring to the stage?  This band consists of some of the finest musicians in the country.  The excitement is palpable as this seasoned group of talented professionals take the stage - building a fever pitch of anticipation followed by impressively executing a wide variety of timeless Elvis classics - all while everyone has so much fun! 

With the heart of a true entertainer, 18 year veteran Elvis Tribute Artist Art Kistler dons his dazzling costumes and, while never pretending to "be" Elvis, respectfully portrays the look, signature moves and sound of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, often tastefully interacting with the audience in this classy, professional, high energy, fun and impressive show suitable for all audiences and events!

The EP Boulevard Show Band also performs number of special, surprise warm-up and costume change break music including songs by artists such as Johnny Cash, Nancy Sinatra, Tom Jones and other notable era stars!

On this website you'll find pretty much everything you'd want to know about Art and the band, but please feel free to e-mail us with any questions. 

Thank you for visiting, "thankyouverymuch!"

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Art Kistler prefers the title "Elvis Tribute Artist" because nobody can really do justice and literally "impersonate" the one and only undisputed King of Rock and Roll, but we'll settle for the popular generic term and God willing for a few more years be your MINNESOTA ELVIS IMPERSONATOR   ELVIS IMPERSONATOR MINNESOTA   IMPERSONATOR MINNESOTA