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Lucy is an English Goldendoodle, born April 12, 2008

This is a special section of Elvis Tribute Artist Art Kistler's Website dedicated to "Lucy the Wonderdoodle!" 

Lucy is our wonderful English Goldendoodle.  She is six years old as of the most recent website update.  This page will always be a work in progress and we hope you enjoy it!

CLICK to watch Lucy's first Doodle Romp at the off-leash park near the MSP airport!

CLICK to watch Video of Lucy working out!

CLICK to watch video  Lucy jumps for green beans while the gang looks on!

CLICK to watch VIDEO and see Lucy the Lap-Dog!

CLICK to watch Lucy work out on the Treadmill!




Firts trip to the vet, eleven pounds... and counting!


'Nessa and J-A help Lucy take a nap...


The "BEFORE" picture...


Lucy and Tipper


Tipper thinks that's her new BABY!


Dude.. LET'S PLAY!


Best buds...




The first bath... PATHETIC PUP!



Gunner and Max wonder waht's up with this pup?!


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!





Lucy meets Max...


Lucy growing... Max - not so much!


and then Lucy grew...


Growing... and growing...


... and grew...


... and GREW!!




Lucy arms up and watches the birds!





A man and his Doodle!


Lucy's answer to outgrowing the sofa!


Can I drive - huh? Can I?




Lucy is a true Party Animal!


Art and Lucy grab a nap while on the road doing Elvis shows!  What a cuddle-puppy!


Lucy and pal "Tipper" do some high spirited laps in "Colonel T's" backyard!


Lucy is SO curious about everything; in this case, the suds in the bathtub demand her rapt attention!


Lucy got her very first major professional grooming on 11-17-2009!


Not so fuzzy now!


"Nurse Lucy" after art hand surgery on his hand!


Lucy really thinks she's a "lap dog!"


OK, it's 4:30 a.m., Mom puts this THING on my head and starts taking PHOTOS of all things, saying something about being two years old.  Oh, the humiliation of it all.  But soon she'll go to work and leave me here with at least some shred of dignity.  It's a tough life being ME!


OK, so Lucy is two years old on April 12.  At least she got rid of the silly hat and got a new toy!


Our terrific house giuest "Goldie" has fun lounging with Lucy!


Lucy is sporting her spring-time hair-do as she and Goldie share some quality time!


Lucy hangs out with her new best friends from Florida, Nancy and Warren!


Guess who's been playing in the SNOW?!


Still a cuddly lap dog!



Dinner prayers with "Mom!"


Ain't I just the CUTEST?!



I am a Diva, therfore YOU go get the stinkin' ball, Dad!


Bedtime.  are you in my way?

Bed time.  are you in my way?



A Diva's work is never done...


lucy praying


lucy claiming innocense next to the cottonwood tree


drying the Dood


lucy working out


lucy turns 9 years old!


lucy's such a pretty girl!


Check back for more pics and video of LUCY the WONDERDOODLE!

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